Linx 7900 Series

Linx 7900 Series

Specialist industrial CIJ printers

The Linx 7900 is a powerful printer fitting for coding onto products in a wide array of industries. An array of automated attributes enhances productivity and minimizes code errors – enhancing your efficiency and conserving the total cost of ownership.
Enhance productivity and take charge of your printer with Linx PrinterNet, remote connectivity allowing you to track and control your printer from anywhere and at any time.

Key benefits

  • Remote connectivity to access, track and command Linx 7900 printers and receive remote technical support with Linx PrinterNet, a secure, cloud-based service
  • Built-in automated code setup attributes for swifter, flawless coding
  • Service intervals of up to 18 months or 9000 hours
  • Prints up to 5 lines of text, graphics, logos and Data Matrix 2D codes
  • Remote printer tracks and commands with Linx Insight
  • Quick flawless refills with the SureFill® system
  • Automated printhead cleaning system guarantees trouble-free start
  • A precise record of line output – automatic logging
  • Automatically selects the best message type according to the line speed

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