Linx CSL10

Linx CSL10

Linx CSL10

Fastest 10 W scribing laser coder like no other

The Linx CSL10 is a high specification, 10 W CO2 scribing laser coder. It is economically designed to be versatile, it is custom-made for a wide range of laser marking applications. This device creates complex variable codes and flexible messages, even on high-speed lines for standard coding on a wide range of materials. With a detachable marking head and connectors for easy attachment.

Maximize productivity and take charge of your laser coder with Linx PrinterNet, remote connectivity allowing you to control and monitor your printer anywhere, anytime.

Key benefits

  • Easy message formation and operation of printing parameters with the large colour LinxVision® Touch Screen, and LinxVision software.
  • Minimize your coding errors and meet coding statutes with password commands that can restrict access to only qualified personnel.
  • Easy line incorporation – removable marking head with quick disconnect cables
  • Multiple beam delivery alternatives allow for coding in any orientation
  • Over 20,000 distinct layouts to economically meet your coding conditions
  • Wide web applications for wide-area coding or multiple lines of products
  • Clear coding on glass, even at high line speeds, with VisiCode®, a unique set of parameters
  • Flip, mirror or curve text – easily code onto difficult shapes


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