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The use of Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) systems is to print variable information, such as dates or batch codes, on individual products as they move along the production line – regardless of permeability, size, shape or texture.

Remote printer monitoring and support allows customers to access and control Linx coders anytime and from anywhere. It enables Linx to provide remote support to keep lines running.

With concealed, easy-to-clean printheads, flawless touch-screen control and effortless self-service capability, Linx Printing Technologies provide a economical and efficient solution compared to similar industrial inkjet printers on the market.

Linx 8900 Series

Increasing operational efficiency, made easier than ever with remote connectivity to keep you in control, anytime, anywhere

Applications & Materials

24/7 operations | Barcodes | Batch coding | Data Matrix and QR codes | High-speed production | Retail packaging | Print up to 6 lines

Key Benefits:

  • Remote access, control and support with Linx PrinterNet
  • Designed to support error-free coding
  • Quick operation with simple touch screen interface
  • Primary and secondary packaging with one printer

Linx 7900 Series

Specialist CIJ coding solution with low cost of ownership, with remote connectivity to keep you in control, anywhere, anytime

Applications & Materials

Any dry substrate | Barcodes | Batch coding | Cartons | Data Matrix 2D codes | Advanced production | Print up to 5 lines

Key Benefits:

  • Remote access, control and support with Linx PrinterNet
  • Automatic printhead cleaning system ensures trouble-free start
  • Automatic code setup for faster, error-free coding

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