Linx SL1

Linx SL1

10 W Compact Laser Coder

The Linx SL1 is a compact, affordable coder designed to fit effortlessly into production environments where space is restricted. A superfast mirror system allows speedy coding than other lasers in its class while conserving laser energy but delivering 20% more power. The lifetime costs of the Linx SL1 laser are advantageous to other printers in the market due to no routine servicing or consumables

Key benefits

  • Cost-effective laser coding – no consumables or routine servicing
  • Designed to convey amplified dependability
  • Extended operating lifetime than identical lasers
  • Mix text, logos and machine-readable codes in a single message
  • An extensive array of fonts to supplement packaging design and branding
  • Effortless installation into tight production lines
  • Supports 2D code standards including QR and dot matrix codes
  • Extended range of marking fields than identical laser coders

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