More than 1500 clients served & counting


Experienced & courteous staff always at your service


Over 5 branches and regional offices across Nigeria & beyond

Since 2010, we have aligned our product/services to our customer’s need thereby providing them with up-to the minute industrial solutions and ensuring that their systems run efficiently and economically with little or no downtime.

Our customer base spans across the whole manufacturing sector of the country, ranging from brewing, bottling, canning, oil & gas, agro-allied, plastic/packaging, metal working, construction, flour milling, sugar refinery, mining/drilling, chemical, marine & shipping, glass making to power plant industries.



Our customers are guaranteed high quality for every spares supplied them and other engineering solutions provided.We source our spares directly from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Lead Time

The lead time we offer our customer is something that takes into consideration their business operations, in other to keep them running at all times with minimal shutdown.


The price advantages our customers enjoy come from the fact that we procure our products directly from the OEM’s as authorized distributors.

Our People

TekniTeed NG wields dedicated team of skilled and well-trained personnel in Procurement, Inventory management, MRO services, Customer Relationship Management, and Application & Sales.

We work in partnership with all the major suppliers

We are Authorised Distributors for the following brands

  • ABB Drives
  • SKF

Latest Industry News

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