Responsive Professional Service

When downtime strikes, it is good to have us in your corner. Need a fast repair? Try our express 48-hour service. Are you on a tight budget? Our standard 15-day service is priced competitively.

TekniTeed NG is able to offer a full Responsive Professional Service for all your Mechanical, Electrical and Control machinery systems.

We support our customers in a wide variety of manufacturing and industrial market.

On-site Breakdown Support

Got a breakdown on site? Contact us for a quote. Being based in Lagos and Ibadan – Nigeria means we regularly carry out site work for companies ..

Equipment Upgrade/ Retrofit

Thinking about upgrading a machine with a retrofit? We can help every step of the way. From helping you specify a suitable replacement to installing it on your machine…

Performance Analysis / Service Contract

TekniTeed NG service team can review your requirements and existing facilities and produce a feasibility report on how your company can:

Industrial Electronic Repairs

TekniTeed NG has specially created, a custom built testing system for various PLC’s, Inverters’ and Controller’s programs. Thus, we offer a comprehensive in-house repair


We work in partnership with all the major MRO suppliers

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